Are you interested in joining our team? Awesome!

before you join

At Enactus UAlberta, we are students who believe in business for a better cause. This means that each position requires a real time commitment from every single one of our amazing volunteers. When you apply for a Enactus UAlberta position, you understand that we require you to commit approximately 5 hours per week* with the exception of holidays and exams.

  • Once you submit your application, we will contact you within a week to schedule an interview.
  • Positions starting in May 2018 will continue through May 2019.
  • All these positions are unpaid; however we will provide a reference letter upon request.
  • You are expected to complete your tasks throughout the entire year (yes, that includes May - August). Preference will be given to students not on co-op terms or who are not going on study terms abroad.

*Project Manager, Vice President, and positions that contain "Head" will require a significantly larger time commitment. 

If you are selected, you will be contacted within a week to set up an interview with one of our Project Managers and will be required to complete a task prior to the interview (details provided via email).