Project Level Up


Level Up is a project where we provide consulting services to current and aspiring entrepreneurs in our local community, with a focus on social enterprises and non-profit organizations. All of our services are provided by University of Alberta students and to individuals or businesses that aim to provide a benefit to their local communities. Some of our current clients include Anthony At Your Service, a local delivery service that provides employment to individuals with intellectual disabilities, and African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF), an organization in Kenya that aims to improve access to farming technologies for small-hold farmers in order to address their local food shortages.

By providing these consulting services to community organizations and entrepreneurs that share our vision, we are able to use the knowledge we gain from our educations to address real-world business issues. Applying our education to identified problems allows us to empower our members to refine their consulting abilities and transfer valuable business knowledge to those that may not otherwise be able to attain it.