Entrepreneur Gala

Have you ever thought about starting your own business?

Interested in working for a start up?

Want to learn more about what entrepreneurs, business leaders, and non-profit organization are achieving in our local community?

Enactus University of Alberta is partnering with eCLUB to host our first annual Entrepreneur Gala on March 31st, 2017 from 6 to 10 PM at the University of Alberta Faculty Club (11435 Saskatchewan Drive NW).

This event will be an evening to celebrate entrepreneurial action in the community, spark conversation about social entrepreneurship, and will be an excellent opportunity to connect with local business owners, entrepreneurs, and and community leaders. 

Event Includes:

  • Keynote Speakers from Glow Juicery and ClickDishes
  • A variety of appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages
  • A cash bar where alcoholic beverages can be purchased
  • A raffle where you can purchase tickets to win various prizes provided by local entrepreneurs and businesses -- the proceeds will go towards our community empowerment projects
  • A photo booth to capture your memories of the event

Time: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Dress Code: Business Semi-Formal
Price: $10 (includes entry, appetizers, non-alcoholic beverages)
Please note that this is an 18+ Event

If you can't purchase online, please visit us from 11 AM to 2 PM on March 21-23 on the 2nd floor of the Business Building where we will be selling tickets in-person.

Stay tuned for more info to be released on our Facebook page here.

Attending Organizations:

  • Glow Juicery
  • ClickDishes
  • TEC Edmonton
  • Edmonton Research Park
  • Junior Achievement
  • Anthony at Your Service
  • eHUB
  • Edmonton Made
  • Purpose Collective
  • Woven Wellness
  • aWe
  • VR Cave
  • Earth Group
  • Secret Meat Club
  • SquidArms

...and more to be announced soon!

Keynote Speeches:

Glow Juicery
Conscious Community Investment

From its inception, Glow Juicery has been highly engaged in supporting non-profit organizations & developing social investment strategies and programs that have an impact on the health, wellness & education of local communities.

The resulting programs have had an impact far beyond a specific event, allowing the relationship to transcend the typical financial obligation of social leadership. Glow has also contributed thousands of dollars to organizations which have offered very limited engagement & felt the sting of diminished brand connection or value as a result of these disconnected donations.

Marnie Ashcroft, Founder of Glow Juicery, will speak to the concept of creating conscious collaboration strategies and aligning your business to the non-profit organizations that truly share the same value system. Marnie will share how she has created a path of social responsibility and a focus on conscious community investment through building a sustainable and creative giving platform for her company.

Discovering your Aha! Moment

In this keynote presentation, you will learn about how an Aha! moment was discovered and led to the creation of ClickDishes - a disruptive product for the whole restaurant industry. The speaker will also talk about finding and capturing the Aha! moment in life by sharing what makes someone choose to go down the path of entrepreneurship and leave their comfort zone.