Project Brew Green


Coffee is massively consumed throughout the world and unfortunately due to this consumption there are also large quantities of waste produced in the form of coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are the waste product from brewing coffee.

Our Enactus University of Alberta decided to try to find a way to re-purpose these excess coffee grounds into a sustainable product that can help improve the community. We decided to create Brew Green - a project where we convert used coffee grounds into cosmetic skincare and cosmetic beauty products.

We have tested and created body soap scrubs that act as an exfoliant for the skin to remove dead skin and that also help eliminate odours. Coffee grounds can also be used to rinse and provide shine to hair.

We believe that by converting these coffee grounds into sustainable, usable products, we will be diverting waste from landfills and be providing economic prosperity within the local community. In the future, we aim to employ people within our community that are disadvantaged in order to empower them to become self-sufficient.